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The Best Promotional Apparel for Winter

It seems like every year Winter is here before we expect it. With branded apparel being a top preferred giveaway among all demographics, it's a great promotional item to take advantage in the wintertime, too. In most areas, t-shirts aren't warm enough to give away in the winter time, but there are other promotional apparel items every business can profit from. Check out our recommended winter apparel products below.

Winter Hat

Winter hats, ear muffs, and headbands are fun and can work for any industry your business is in. You can go for the more functional, sporty, winter headband or the fashionable woven hat with your logo printed on it. Request a survey in exchange for one of these quality giveaways. We recommend giving these away at outdoor events in the wintertime, especially, to maximize consumer satisfaction and brand awareness.

Long Sleeve Shirt

You can still represent your brand with a traditional t-shirt... Just add sleeves. This is also a good way to stand out a little more compared to most companies that giveaway short sleeve t-shirts. If you're looking for something higher quality that represents your brand as luxurious and refined, try something like a jacket with your logo on it. This is also great for company executives so they can still wear their company logo on the outside of their clothes, even when it's cold outside.

Fuzzy Socks

Dip their toes into your business with branded socks. If you're in the fitness or sports industry, go with performance socks. If you cater to families or women, giveaway fuzzy socks. The fuzzy socks are also a great way to evoke a feeling of nostalgia amongst your clientele. Oh, and they come in baby sizes as well. These also make great Christmas or holiday giveaways for company employees and loyal customers.

Branded apparel doesn't always mean the basic t-shirt. In fact, consumers are so used to branded t-shirts that you will better increase your brand recognition with apparel that is a little different than what they're used to. Try one of these to promote your brand in the chilly months and get ahead of your competition.

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