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20 Giveaways Under $1

Inexpensive giveaways are valuable tools for getting mass brand exposure quickly. They are also excellent for low budget companies that need to remind consumers of their brand or for companies hosting high-volume events, but want to ensure everyone walks away with something branded with their logo.

We offer over 100,000 promotional products under a dollar. From phone accessories, to decals, to backpacks, we supply it all. Below are 20 of our favorite giveaways under a dollar.

Pens are statistically the fourth most influential promotional product*. Consumers also hold onto them much longer than other promotional products.

Logo Pen

Who doesn’t love a functional giveaway like this one? Add an eye-catching label and grow your brand awareness with ease.

Hand Sanitizer

Win sales at big events with branded water bottles. This is a giveaway consumers are immediately grateful to receive.

Water Bottle

Looking for a fun and functional giveaway to send consumers off with at your next event? Try this.

Logo Sunglasses

These clips last and they get used by consumers. Remind consumers of your presence every time they clip something up in their office or on their fridge.

Logo Clip

These little tools are great for on-the-go travelers. Give your adult consumers something convenient and useful as their next giveaway.

Wine Opener

42% of U.S. consumers feel more positively about advertisers that give them environmentally friendly promotional products*. Reusable tote bags are very popular promo products amongst consumers.

Foldable Bag

These are great for schools, office buildings, sports events and more. Think about how many impressions a giveaway like this would receive.


These adorable magnets are fun and can be designs however best fits your brand image. Get creative and shed a positive light on your business with this fun giveaway.

Promo Button

41% of U.S. consumers own branded desk accessories*. Promote your brand with a desk accessory your consumers will see every day.

Mouse Pad

Who doesn’t love lip balm? Hit a wide market by sending these off with kids and adults in any demographic or age group.

Lip Balm

Get a little fun and creative by printing your logo or marketing message on coasters. These cork coasters are surprisingly inexpensive yet make a lasting impression with their impressive look.

Cork Coaster

13 Fans

Get more fans by giving more fans. These are perfect for outdoor or high-volume events where you need to get your name out quickly and effectively.

Logo Fan

Print your logo or design on a functional keychain and it will last quite a while. Get creative with a laser, flashlight, or bottle opener attached.

Logo Keychain

These are fun and perfect for family affairs. If you're a family company or you’re hosting a school or sporting event, promote your marketing message with these fully customizable tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo

This easily fits in pockets, wallets, and other small compartments. Oftentimes, bottle openers are shared among many, so expose your logo with this functional giveaway.

Bottle Opener

If you’re a family company, give away something kids will enjoy because ultimately this will make the parents happy, too.

Logo Bubbles

Over 53% of consumers own promotional drinkware*. Needless to say, branded mugs are a good investment.

Logo Mugs

These are fun for adults, kids, and even pets. This inexpensive giveaway is another great option for companies seeking to hit a wide audience.

Logo Frisbee

Caps make an average of 3,136 impressions over the course of their lifetime in America*. If you’re seeking longevity in your promo products, this would be the type of giveaway you want to brand.

Logo Cap

*Facts provided by Advertising Specialty Institute. 12, Aug 2018.

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