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4 Fun Easter Giveaways

Easter Giveaways

Holidays are a great excuse for promoting and reinforcing your brand to potential and current customers. Utilize holidays to remind your customers why you are their go-to in your industry.

There are many common ways of promoting your brand using promotional products, but holidays are a time to get in touch with your creative side and truly use the event to your advantage. Below are four fun and unique giveaways to implement during Easter. Enjoy!

Stuffed Bunnies

Stuffed Bunny

Bunnies are always the first thing on our mind when we think of Easter... Or the second thing after chocolate, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Add your logo to stuffed bunnies and give them away to your current customers or hand them out at your next event. These are fun, sweet, and make it impossible for your customers not to love you after receiving a cute gift like that.

We recommend these if your business targets family and children.

Candy Baskets

Easter Basket

Candy baskets can be designed and assembled to perfectly connect with almost any audience during the Easter holiday. Add your logo to candy baskets and hand-deliver them to your loyal customers to reinforce why they purchase from you in the first place.

Greeting Cards

Easter Card

Greeting cards are excellent for more professional environments, but they don't have to be boring. There are many colorful and upbeat business greeting cards that your customers will appreciate receiving this Easter.

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