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9 Awesome Contest Giveaways

If you're hosting a big company event this year for either customers or employees, having a contest giveaway is an absolute must to make your event extra successful and enjoyable for everyone. Organize a raffle, create a game or competition, start a fundraiser, or request surveys. Below are some of our favorite contest giveaways for big prize winners. Check them out.

Elite Cooler

This 50-quart cooler is no joke. It holds ice for up to 8 days and has an integrated fish scale on the lid. It also has a built-in bottle opener and molded-in carry handles and can holders. It’s made in the USA and offers a lifetime guarantee. Don’t forget to brand it with the large logo space on the bottom center.


Get your crowd rowdy with this set of wicked earbuds. They are completely wireless, a sleek rose gold color and they are very high tech. They’re sweat and water resistant, rechargeable for up to 3 hours of listening time, and they case they come in charges the earbuds up to 15 times. Talk about convenient.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are a huge hit right now and the Instax is the one people want. It has top ratings and has many features that other brands don’t. It comes with an attached self-portrait mirror for accurate shots, auto intelligent flash to determine the exact amount of light needed, and a motorized 3-position collapsible lens. This is a cool giveaway, especially if you’re targeting ages 20 to 35.

Mountain Bike

Go big and send a lucky winner home with this hybrid mountain bike. It comes with fast-rolling 700c wheels, a 21-speed drivetrain and linear-pull brakes. The tires are puncture resistant and multi-surface, making this bike an unstoppable crowd-pleaser. This is an incredible content winning giveaway for fitness or traveler crowds.

Bulova Watch

Get men participating in your contest, fundraiser or company event with this impressive Bulova watch. This beauty of a watch has 12 individually hand-set diamonds on the black enamel dial, complementing its impressive appearance. It’s equipped with all the standard nooks and crannies and is water resistant up to 30 meters. Don’t like this style? We offer Bulova in many styles and colors.

Wine Tower

This is such a classic event giveaway that every adult is excited to receive. We recommend this for company parties and sophisticated events. This wine tower also makes a perfect holiday gift. It comes with three-tiers of pure joy, including a bottle of cabernet, a bottle of chardonnay, cheese, biscotti, nuts, salami, jerky, mustard, chocolate, crackers, a cheese board and knife. What more could anyone ask for?


Hitting a wide audience this year? These kayaks are the perfect giveaway because it’s something everyone wants. People of all ages and demographics will be excited to see if this giveaway will be theirs. It’s a great, favorable size and comes with a large storage compartment to hold the necessaries. It also has a BSCI audit and a 5-star rating so no one will be disappointed in the slightest to receive this.


This innovated Air Case is an extremely durable, protective luggage case to store the most fragile travel items. It was engineers to be incredibly light while not jeopardizing durability. It has a built-in automatic purge valve that keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure. This is an incredible case for frequent travelers, especially international travelers and outdoor travelers.

Mini Fridge

Here is another universal giveaway everyone will be itching to receive. This impressive mini fridge offers 98-liter storage and a huge branding opportunity for any company. Add a cool design with your logo and marketing message to really grow your brand awareness, even after you have sent this item home with someone. This is a win-win contest giveaway that will turn some heads and leave a lasting impression.

Your giveaway itself is a very important part of a large event that involves some kind of contest, however promoting the event beforehand is equally important to ensure you will have a strong turnout that will make your whole event worth your investment. Get the word out on social media, have your network spread the word digitally and verbally, and find other creative methods to ensure you will have a successful event and a strong long-term return on investment.

If you’re interested in other contest giveaways, check out our galleries full of thousands of giveaways and promo inspiration. For more information on a product in this article or another product we offer, contact us through the more info button below.

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