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How to Use Calendars to Brand Yourself

Promotional Calendar

Calendars are a top performing promotional product behind apparel and writing instruments. This often comes as a surprise, however calendars are a very functional giveaway and that's what consumers want.

Calendars are great giveaways for B2B companies especially. Having your logo regularly seen amongst clientele will keep you top of mind.

If calendars are something your interested in implementing to grow your brand awareness, below are some tips and helpful information on using this (surprisingly) powerful marketing tool.

There are three common types of branded calendars:

  • Desktop calendars

  • Hanging calendars

  • Agendas

Branded Calendars

Desktop calendars are great for targeting doctors offices, schools, and corporate offices. Hanging calendars are excellent when targeting busy offices, law firms, and more.

Having your logo on something your customers see and use every day keeps you top of mind and viewed as their "go-to" option. It can also be perceived as a much more thoughtful giveaway, instead of the standard promo pen or t-shirt.

Promo Calendars

Planners and agendas are great for targeting a more sophisticated market. Do you have and seek high-ticket clients? This may be the best giveaway option for you. Pair it with a ballpoint or leatherette pen to really close the deal.

If you would like more information about promotional calendars, click the Information button below or check out the various calendars displayed on our website.

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