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4 DeskShield Options for Schools and Offices

DeskShields were created to help reduce concerns and the spread of germs in public settings. They are the perfect privacy barriers as things begin to re-open during this pandemic to help get back to normalcy.

At Dobbs Global we offer multiple DeskShield options, perfect for schools, offices, and more! We now have four DeskShield options made out of different materials, thicknesses and sizes. In this article we will discuss each option more in-depth, to find which privacy screen could be the one for you.

Desk Shield Privacy Barriers

These portable DeskShields are perfect for students and faculty in schools! They are lightweight and fold up, making it easy to carry from class to class. Available in multiple sizes

- 14", 16", 18" and 21" inches, great for any age or grade to use. There also is a privacy screen option, so if students are testing, they won't be able to see other papers on desks. To make portability even easier we now have DeskShield tote bags which fits all sizes, comes in multiple color options, and can be customized with your logo.

DeskShield Tote Bags

This DeskShield Lite option is made up of crystal clear P.E.T. impact resistant material. This privacy shield stands up with adhesive feet that can either stick on desks or just stay clipped on to the shield. This also can fold up and lay flat making it easy to carry from class to class or your office to the conference room. There is only material in the creases of the shield, making it easy to keep the P.E.T. clean. Available in multiple sizes!

This is a two panel privacy screen with black trim and clear windows. This option is extremely light weight and folds up easily. This DeskShield also stands up using adhesive feet. The window size measures 19"H x 18"W. Can fit under your arm or can be carried in one of our DeskShield totes!

This option is the best for office desks or teacher desks. It is not as portable as the other options, as it does not fold up. It is a more permanent privacy shield for desks. Adhesive feet are included with the shields which help it stand up on its own. It measures out to be 18"H, so anyone would be covered sitting behind it. It is crystal clear all the way around, making it easy to see through and keep clean.

If you are interested in any of these DeskShield options contact us or request information.

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