Protect Students & Teachers against the spread of germs with

Deskshields by Dobbs Global!

Trim and Privacy Pockets

NEW Edgeless Shield

No Trim

With Adhesive Feet

With Adhesive Feet

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What we have learned to help keep students & staff

safe during this pandemic. 

  • Not all desks are the same size.

  • Pre-made shields do not fit your desks or your classrooms.

  • Cardboard, Foam, or PETG shields do not last when used daily.

  • Plexiglass shields crack and break when they are moved or dropped.

  • Our shields are easy to clean with only soap and water.

  • Our shields are lightweight, fold up and easy to carry around for students, and durable if dropped or moved.

  • Our shields can be fire-rated.

  • We offer multiple size options.

Our DeskShields in Action

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Sarasota County


Jacksonville, Florida

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Lucerne Valley, CA

Westminister, MO

Clearwater, FL


Adhesive Feet 



BioShield 75

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