Protect Students & Teachers against the spread of germs with

Deskshields by Dobbs Global!

Trim and Privacy Pockets

NEW Edgeless Shield

No Trim

With Adhesive Feet

With Adhesive Feet


What we have learned to help keep students & staff

safe during this pandemic. 

  • Not all desks are the same size.

  • Pre-made shields do not fit your desks or your classrooms.

  • Cardboard, Foam, or PETG shields do not last when used daily.

  • Plexiglass shields crack and break when they are moved or dropped.

  • Our shields are easy to clean with only soap and water.

  • Our shields are lightweight, fold up and easy to carry around for students, and durable if dropped or moved.

  • Our shields can be fire-rated.

  • We offer multiple size options.

Our DeskShields in Action

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Sarasota County


Jacksonville, Florida

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Lucerne Valley, CA

Westminister, MO

Clearwater, FL


Adhesive Feet 



BioShield 75

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