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Popular Eco-Friendly Promo Products

Eco-Friendly Products

Whether you're an environmentally aware company or you are seeking to relate more to modern day consumers, there are several eco-friendly promo products that have been increasingly popular among consumers. Below are 4 types of popular eco-friendly giveaways to promote your business with right now.

LED Products

LED products are popular giveaways. Whether it's a light up keychain or a travel flashlight, these are popular giveaways right now. We recommend this type of promotional product for outdoor companies and travel companies.

Reusable Bag

Reusable bags are great for local markets, environmentally conscious apparel companies, businesses that sell organic goods, and more. These can be resold with your logo or given away to promote your brand to new consumers. Either way, you can't go wrong with a promotional bag. They are one of the most effective giveaways right now.

Eco-Friendly Mug

Drinkware is also an incredibly effective giveaway. It has been known to be a top performer for years now. Travel agencies, camping/outdoor companies, and more could benefit from promoting their business on branded travel mugs. They are reusable and many are made with environmentally friendly materials.

Branded Apparel

If you're looking for more of a creative flare for your next promotional giveaway, brand a piece of apparel. Apparel can leave you with lots of design options or give you the space you need to sport a strong brand design that you already have.

Apparel is great, too, because almost every business can benefit from branded apparel. If you're unsure which product to add your logo to, choose a T-shirt or a cap. Consumers are ranking these some of their favorite products to receive from companies right now.

For more information on eco-friendly promotional products and other options we may have that are better suited for you, click the Information button below and we will reach out to point you in the right direction.

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