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5 Unique Spring Promotional Products

Spring Jacket

Some products take longer to age and these spring promo products that were cool in 2017, are just as cool two years later. Take a look below at 5 more unique spring giveaways to present to your best customers. These also make excellent contest winners. Remember, to stand out among the rest you have to do something different!


Spring is officially upon us now and with the change of seasons comes a change in promotional product demands. Here are some of the promotional products that I think will be big sellers, and much enjoyed this spring season and would look great with your company’s logo:

Hammock – With the weather being getting warmer and a cool breeze in the air, allow clients to enjoy the fresh air on a nice spring day relaxing in a hammock. Take advantage of adding your logo to the bags these hammocks fit in, or the hammock itself.

Pop Up Kit (Garden Seeds) – The weather is finally starting to even out and without the fear of the air freezing, clients are able to start growing their fruits, vegetables, and flowers to have and enjoy by summer.

Rain Coat – Spring showers are definitely a thing and they it happens every year. Help clients stay dry this season from unexpected showers by supplying them with rain coats. Don’t forget to add your logo for brand visibility every time the rain coat is worn.

Water Filtration Bottle – Now that the weather is slowly warming up, walking outside for some exercise is much more enjoyable. Clients need to stay well hydrated and what’s better than a water bottle that filters your water as well. Beach Towels – Fun in the sun is in with temperatures rising to around 80 degrees. Provide clients with the necessities they need to go and enjoy themselves on the sandy beaches.

Spring Cooler

Cooler – Cookouts are starting to happen more often as people are enjoying sitting outside drinking cold beverages with family and friends. Coolers will be in demand so that way their drinks stay cool.

Spring is a time for outdoor activities, and enjoying the rising temperatures and sunny weather when it’s happening. This is the time for your employees and customers to enjoy the outside before the scorching summer heat. Provide them with branded gifts to enjoy their time this spring!

To request a quote or request more information about any of these products, click the Information button below and we will reach out to be of assistance or simply provide a quote. Thanks for reading and stay dry this spring!

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