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Hop Into Spring with These Giveaways

Spring Promos

Within every season change, holiday, or major event there lies an opportunity to further promote your brand and strengthen your customer base.

Expand your company's horizon by getting your name out there as much as possible. Spring is another great time for most businesses to further promote their brand. See below for some of our favorite spring promotional products this year.

Water bottles

Water Bottles

If you're hosting an event in the spring, branded water bottles is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance your brand awareness. Make the label distinct, clear, and eye-catching. If you are not hosting an event, you could hand them out at other events to gain exposure to new potential customers.

Another great drinkware option is to give away branded reusable bottles to current employees and customers. As they use the bottles, the bottles will generate impressions to new, fresh eyes.


Logo Umbrella

Relate to your customers with a cheeky spring twist. Brand umbrellas and keep them in your building. Customers will be forever grateful for you when you have umbrellas handy for them to use on those rainy, spring days.

Colorful bags

Logo Bags

Bags are almost always an excellent choice for giveaways due to their proven effectiveness over the last few decades. Whip out colorful or pastel bags this spring and generate more impressions than the average bag preforms.

Waterproof phone pouch

Logo Phone Lanyard

A branded waterproof phone pouch with a lanyard is a giveaway that consumers enjoy year round, but is especially great for spring. A great aspect about this giveaway is that it possesses longevity, meaning consumers will likely keep it well past spring. It's also a great way to generate impressions to new potential consumers.