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Thanksgiving Promotional Ideas

2018 came and is on its way out the door. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and if your brand could use the holiday to promote your business than follow along for some great ideas on how to do so.

Company Party

Host a company party.

If your employees could use a day off, reward them with a company Thanksgiving party. Show your employees how much you appreciate them and advance your employee satisfaction ratings with a lighthearted event that will leave them happier to return to work after the holiday. Need decorations? Click here.

Company Event

Host an event.

Host an event for the public to grow your brand awareness, gain stronger customer loyalty, and to highlight your brand. Hosting a Thanksgiving event can provide you the opportunity to expand your customer base, teach people about your product offerings, and put your business top-of-mind in your industry.

Hand out promotional products to further satisfy your attendees and to keep your brand awareness growing even after everyone has left the building. Find the perfect Thanksgiving giveaways here.

Business Promotion

Reach out to charitable organizations.

A great way to promote your business over the holidays is to bring a few employees and volunteer at a non-profit organization. Have a few local news outlets write a press release on it and get your name out there in the most positive ways. This will leave behind a strong impression for new and current customers and is a great way to give back during the holidays. Make sure you represent your business with branded apparel. Find that here.

Contest Giveaways

Create a contest.

To get your customers more involved with your business, create a contest. This could be on social media or in-house. Offer a contest giveaway in exchange for surveys, tagging friends, posting about your business, or any way that promotes your name and gets your message out there. Be sure to offer something enticing enough for people to get involved and make the contest Thanksgiving related. Technology is a great contest giveaway. See our branded technology here and check out our article on the best contest giveaways here.

For more ideas on promoting your business, check out our blog on various topics for business promotions.

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