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Must-Have Corporate Office Supplies

It can get expensive restocking your office with corporate office supplies. Dobbs Global carries corporate office supplies in bulk and we even brand your office supplies with your logo and marketing message.

Below are some of the most necessary office supplies for corporate environments.

Branded Notepads

Stock the receptionist desk with branded notepads to jot down customer information. Notepads come in 25-page and 50-page packs. Customize with a spot print on one side of each page and add a magnetic strip to the back if needed.

Logoed Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint Pens

Pens range in qualities, designs, colors, and prices. Being that pens are one of the most profitable promotional products, we carry them in every way imaginable to suit any brand. For office supply purposes, simplistic, inexpensive ballpoint pens are available to print a logo onto and to buy in bulk.

Branded Mousepads

For offices with desktop computers, stock up on mousepads that you can purchase in bulk to save money. Mousepads are also available to add unique branding to including modifying the shapes of the mousepads themselves.

Pad Folios

Pad Folios

Pad folios are essential for conferences and regular meetings with upper management and clientele. High-quality folios can be branded and purchased in bulk so your employees are always prepared for their meetings with potential clients.

Badge Holders

Badge Holder

Get name brand Secure-A-Badge in bulk printed with your logo for low costs and save your employees from poor quality and overpriced badge holders.

Branded Flashdrives

If you need flash drives on hand around the office, we have minis and full size that come in various gigabytes of storage and space to add your logo and marketing message. These are ideal for employees frequently giving presentations or for your in-house creatives.

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