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Cost-Saving Giveaways for Events

Event Giveaways

If you're hosting an event, you want to maximize your brand exposure. Promotional products are the way to get there, however it can be costly to purchase hundreds or even thousands of branded items to give out to crowds of people.

There are giveaways that are not only inexpensive, but that will be effective in growing your brand exposure to those that are unfamiliar with your brand. See below our top recommended cost-saving giveaways for companies hosting events.

Branded Fans

Fans are a great option because they offer great customization options. This is a giveaway that works for any industry with any target audience. Print your design and shape your fans the way that best represents you. This is great for fast-pace, mass brand exposure.

Custom Buttons

Buttons are another effective giveaway that get people involved and receive a lot of impressions. It's easy to have your logo seen by a lot of eyes with a catchy button design.

Logo Coolie

Coolies are great if you're in the right market. Young adults are almost guaranteed to request a branded coolie. The perk to this giveaway is that it is typically kept around well after the day of the event and it allows your brand to be exposed to new eyes even after your event has passed.

Portable Charger

Are you really trying to Wow your audience on a low marketing budget? Hand out branded portable chargers. Portable chargers are THE most effective promotional product right now and we highly recommend these for anyone that is unsure which promo product to brand.

Branded Cups

Inexpensive branded cups exist and they're great for mass exposure. Chances are, if you're hosting an event, you need some type of cup anyway. Double down and combine your cups with your branding strategy. Paper cups are perfect for quick impressions when, say, sponsoring a marathon and plastic cups are great for indoor events.

You shouldn't spend a fortune on event promos because the goal is to gain fast, mass exposure. For more ideas and inspiration on promotional giveaways for your next event, check out our promotional products priced under $1 by clicking here.

For additional information, click the Information button below and we will point you in the right direction for your marketing needs.

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