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Best Promotional Pool Items in 2018

2018 is a hot year and it’s not slowing down, but that doesn’t mean you have to burn through your marketing dollars. Check out these affordable promotional products that offer fun times, functionality, and great return on investment.

Donut Cup Holder

Inflatable cup holders are functional and often entertaining. They make the pool atmosphere more playful and are great decorative elements for events and parties. These inexpensive giveaways are also great for large target audiences because kids and adults alike love these pool accessories. Don’t like donuts? They come in pineapples, flamingos, unicorns, and more. Check them out here.

Water Pool Ball

These pool balls offer a clear surface for your logo to stand out on. These pool balls are also great for a variety of ages and pool games, offering the potential for wide exposure to your potential customers. These can also be used outside of the pool, which is an added bonus.

Pool Hammock

Talk about trendy, hammocks are a trend that have continued to last. Take this trend to the pool by offering a logoed pool hammock that future customers will love and keep around. This is a great giveaway to offer in return for a questionnaire survey that will help you grow, understand, and expand your business. This type of trade is worth the extra promo investment.

Inflatable Pool Ball

In 2018, competition is more cutthroat than ever so standing out is a must. These pool balls designed to look like watermelon are fun, funny, and grab people’s attention. Sure, people will enjoy a regular beach ball but it would lack significance. Stand out by adding a twist to your promotional products and knock the competition out of the water… Literally.

Swim Goggles

If you’re looking for an inexpensive event giveaway to hand to the masses, we’ve got you covered. These antifog swimming goggles are inexpensive, logoed, and come in a variety of colors. They’re individually packaged as well and come with earplugs for sensitive ears. These are a steal for the price and the potential return on investment.

Pool Raft

This inflatable lounge chair is a great display case for your business logo. It’s simple, subtle, and to the point. This is a great advertising product to grow likability and be seen by many eyes, considering it will be the centerpiece of your customers’ pools. This is a great giveaway in return for surveys or make it a contest winner. Either way, there is a lot of opportunity here to use this promotional product to grow your business.

Swim Training Board

Does your business offer products or services for children? What about families or parents? Target this audience by offering something as functional as a kickboard trainer for young swimmers. With high functionality, you can expect this promo product to stick around because it is a tool parents and families will want to have. Add your logo to stay top of mind.

Water Blaster

This is a water gun on steroids. Impress your audience with a fun toy adults and children will fight over. It lights up, meaning your logo will stand out on this pool toy during the day or during late night pool parties. The fun your customers will have with this offers the chance to create a feeling of nostalgia in your customers’ eye.

Waterproof Speaker

This waterproof pool speaker is an award-winning promotional item, literally. This is the innovative, modern type of promotional product you want to give away as a contest winner at your next event. It’s Bluetooth, rechargeable, and offers a smooth, one toned silicone surface to print your logo on.

Inflatable Football

The inflatable logoed football is a surefire giveaway for any American audience. They’re inexpensive and a great way to gain quick, mass exposure to new potential clientele. This efficient giveaway is perfect to use as event giveaways, party favors, children’s toys, and more. Score your company a touchdown with this anticipated giveaway.

See something you like? There’s more where that came from. Check our database for thousands of kick butt products that will represent your business right.

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