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All About Promotional Apparel

At Dobbs Global, we design promotional apparel for about every need. From children's' gym uniforms to aprons for restaurant staff, we are always producing and improving our apparel designs. See below for more info on our apparel offerings and what industries we cater to.

Athletic Apparel

Athletic Apparel

Athletic apparel makes for great contest giveaways or as uniforms for employees of gyms in the fitness industry. Whether you need branded athletic apparel for customers or employees, we offer a large variety of quality apparel that we can brand with your logo and marketing message.

There are several name brands that we carry and of course, a variety of colors are offered as well. The types of athletic apparel that we offer include:

  • Sweatshirts

  • Shirts

  • Tank tops

  • Sports bras

  • Leggings

  • Shorts

  • Tennis skirts

  • Socks

  • Tennis shoes


Branded Uniforms

We have designed several different uniform types. We offer uniforms for schools and gym class, uniforms for the food and beverage industry, as well as for other types of work. They come in a variety of brands, types, colors, and sizes for kids and adults.

Uniform items that we design include but aren’t limited to:

  • Aprons

  • Ties

  • Khaki pants

  • Chef hats

  • Ball caps

  • Collared shirts

  • Lanyard name badges

  • Pleated skirts

  • Scrubs

  • More!

Other Branded Apparel

Branded Apparel

If you’re simply looking for branded apparel for tourist attractions, to represent a college or organization, or to represent a company, we make branded apparel from head to toe for all of the above and below. Some of the branded apparel categories we specialize in include:

  • Colleges and campuses

  • Mascots

  • Restaurants and Cafes

  • Religion and church

  • Military

  • Holidays

  • More!

Contact us or visit our site for more information on promotional apparel for your brand and what other promotional products we offer.

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