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9 Fall Promo Products That You Can Afford

The heat is still strong, but the fall months are approaching. A lot of new things happen in the fall like Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and football season. Prepping your marketing team for all of these upcoming events can be overwhelming and pricey, but they don’t have to be. Check out nine fall promotional products that are inexpensive and won’t hurt your company’s financial standing.

Football Keychain

Hello football season. Represent your local team with football keychains matching their colors and sporting your logo. These keychains have a functional feature as well with the bottle opener. This is a marketing tool that will be put to good use and well demanded by many audiences.

Pink Tote

Combine breast cancer awareness with a promo product known for its effectiveness. Promotional bags are some of the longest lasting promo products that consumers hold on to, no pun intended. Give your audience this pretty, pink tote to sport and support your business and breast cancer awareness all at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking.

Halloween Candy

Hosting a family event in October? Give your audience an ahead start on Halloween with a sweet little gift basket that is fully customizable. This is a giveaway that will make everyone happy and will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Needless to say, they will be looking forward to attending another event with your company.

Branded Pen

Stick with a traditional giveaway with an up-to-date flair. Show your audience your support for breast cancer awareness and grow your brand awareness as an ethical company. Pens are proven to be an effective promotional product that companies see large returns on. This pen specifically, offers a relatively large space to rep your logo with its hourglass shape.

Fall Mug

Warm up your target audience this fall with a large mug perfect for the season. Stick to warm colors and pick a nice image to go beside your company name on this wide mug. This is a great promo product to enhance your customers’ feelings about your company. Also, like pens and totes, mugs are some of the longest lasting promotional products available.

Branded Socks

Let the cozy feelings flow with a crew sock giveaway. These are great when sponsoring outdoor events and representing sports teams in the fall. They are comfortable, fun, and made in the USA. Rock your logo on your choice between 30 colors and get your brand awareness on an upward slope to success.

Logo Candle

Small branded candles are inexpensive giveaways ideal for weddings, restaurants, festivals, outdoor events in the fall and they make great holiday party favors. They are a simple and sweet way to represent your company that will bring warmth to anyone that receives one. They offer a subliminal message that many other giveaways cannot.

Fall Halloween Basket

Hosting or sponsoring a family friendly event this October? Help parents out with Halloween candy baskets that every child will be eager to receive. These are recommended this fall for nonprofits, family-owned businesses, and family companies. These baskets are 100% reusable and recyclable so they are also great for eco-friendly companies and organizations.

Football Giveaway

Try a gift basket for adults as your next promotion. With football season kicking off, football gear is more than appreciated by college students and grown football fans. This package deal is great for sports bars, American restaurants, sports stores and college campuses. Represent your business with a promotional product that suits you and the season well.

These promo products get straight to the point in a fun and effective way. Of course, not every fall promotional product is perfect for every business but there is likely one that is a great fit for you, whether it made our list or not. Take advantage of the fall season and do it affordably with suitable giveaways that are worth the investment for your brand image.

Reach out for more info or check out our gallery to see what other promo products would be suited to represent your company or organization. Click here to browse our collection of promo products.

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