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8 Great Giveaways in the Fitness Industry

Whether you are a spa, gym, meditation center, juice hub, or a hybrid of everything, promotional products relevant to the wellness industry offers great marketing opportunities for all budgets. They’re an ideal way to grow brand awareness to reach new consumers, as well as a strategic way to receive valuable feedback from current customers and increase likability. Read on to see a handful of promotional products we offer for the fitness industry and what they can do for you.

Exercise Band

If you’re looking for something simple and fun yet functional, you’ve come to the right place. This these exercise bands come in several colors and offer logo placement while fitting a tight marketing budget.

This is a great handout for health clubs, spas, gyms, and exercise enthusiasts. This handy promo is so easy to pack and travel with that you’re guaranteed to grow your brand awareness with it.

Yoga Mat

If you’re in the niche of meditation, health foods, and wellness consider this yoga mat. It comes with a transporting strap and handy bag, offering a space to add your logo.

The bag easily attaches to the carrying strap, leaving your clients hands free. The mat is 4mm thick and made of excellent quality material, designed to last. Meditation gurus will surely appreciate you for this giveaway.

Calorie Jump Rope

This is the most innovative fitness giveaway your audience has yet to see. This high-tech jump rope offers a display screen, showing the number of jumps and calories burned. The jump rope is also adjustable and extends as long as 10 feet.

We recommend this giveaway for crossfit centers, gyms, and high intensity health facilities. They are also a great giveaway for fitness events such as marathons. Did we mention the logo placement on the handle?

Sports Bottle

Bottles, cups, and mugs are classic giveaways for any industry because they are inexpensive, easy to brand, long-lasting, and appreciated by consumers. This 22-oz. sports bottle is a sought-after promotional product recommended for big company events, marathons, and any mass giveaways in the fitness industry.

They come in a large selection of colors and are BPA-free of course. Target consumers with an active lifestyle by offering this useful giveaway.

Fitness Wristband

Go big or go home with this fitness tracker wristband. It’s suitable for Bluetooth connection to IOS and Android phones and offers multiple functionality features. It tracks sleep, has a silent alarm function, a built-in pedometer, and more.

These come in a variety of colors and are recommended for big contest giveaways as a prize winner. They are an excellent way to collect surveys and feedback from your target audience on what they think about your business and where you can improve.

Cooling Towel

This cooling towel comes in a plastic case that will have your company message or logo stamped right on it. This inexpensive giveaway is highly valued among runners, triathletes, crossfitters, and any endurance performers.

Give them out at big events to one up your competition. Representing your brand with the best sporting goods is a great way to grow awareness, stand out, and create stronger consumer loyalty.

Foam Roller

This EVA Hollow Foam Roller is sturdy, unique, bright, and colorful. They are offered in plenty of colors so you can select the design that best matches your brand image and business’ décor. These are extremely useful for any athlete and highly valued.

Are you in a broad fitness niche? Go for this promotional product to hit a wide audience and roll away the competition.

Sports Bag

It’s no secret that promotional bags are excellent giveaways. They are neutral gendered, appreciated among all ages, they stick around the consumer for a while, they’re inexpensive, and they are perfect for growing brand awareness.

Need more people to know who you are while staying within a strict marketing budget? Add your logo to a duffel gym bag and get them out to your audience so everyone can catch a glimpse of who you are.

See something you like, want to see more, or interested in getting more information on a promotional product? Visit our website and check out our promotional gallery with thousands of products or click the more information button below.

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