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7 Branded Travel Accessories

Whether you’re in the travel and leisure industry or your target audience happen to be regular travelers or corporate businesspeople, these promotional products will help engage your audience with your brand. Add your logo to these giveaways and hand them out at corporate events, travel events, tourist destinations, and more. Check out our top travel promo products below.

Travel Kit

These are great giveaways for companies in the market to grow their brand awareness. This is something that makes a statement because it’s a more valuable promo gift in terms of functionality and demand. It’s a giveaway that frequent travels will appreciate and use, meaning greater brand exposure for you.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers quickly became one of the most highly demanded and longest lasting promotional products in recent years. This is a giveaway that covers a large range of demographics and is great for businesses with a wider audience. These portable chargers are an innovative take on the traditional chargers with ports. The wireless design is especially attractive for travelers, though all portable chargers are a hit.

Travel Pillow

We know you’re not surprised to see this on the list, but it doesn’t change the demand, appreciation, and value of this branded travel accessory. These are something every traveler prioritizes and even if they already own one, most travelers will quickly accept another. Stamp your logo on this giveaway and you’ll receive many impressions from a fresh audience. This is a recommended giveaway if you’re an online or chain business.

Travel Mug

Travel mugs are great for companies sponsoring events or hosting their own. Most consumers keep these mugs for over two years and 60% will pass it on when they no longer use it. Give these to a very specific audience and stay closely tied to them for years to come. This is recommended for those seeking stronger brand loyalty from their audience.

Branded Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds are another one that is great for reinforcing loyalty from a company’s audience. Frequent travelers will hold onto these and will represent your company with your logo out for new consumers to see. Stay relevant with a valuable giveaway that represents quality and strength.

Toiletry Bag

These toiletry bags are sophisticated and classy. Hand these out at events to make a statement and speak volumes to new consumers. Consumers appreciate functional gifts and these are a functional giveaway that will be used and heighten brand exposure to new levels.

Cord Organizer

Speaking of functional giveaways, it doesn’t get much more functional than this. This giveaway is something every traveler will bow down for. Make your customers’ trips easier with a cord organizer that will reduce stress and annoyance. These are a great way to radiate positive feelings about your brand into your audiences’ minds.

Promotional products are valuable marketing tools to grow brand awareness and to stay relevant to consumers. It reminds your audience that you are still the best option and it keeps you top of mind in your industry. It’s also great for those in the travel industry because it gives you the opportunity to gain exposure to people in many geographical locations. Which promo travel item best represents your brand?

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