6 Best Promo Products for New Years

Every major holiday or season provides an opportunity to promote your brand. Businesses can find way to use major events to their advantage and the New Year is no exception. Everything changes around New Years including your customers. Change something up, too, to stay relevant and exciting to your audience.

Below, we have compiled the best promotional products to promote your brand during New Years and to carry your customers over to next year.

Branded Calendar


Are you surprised? What customer won't accept your branded calendar during New Years? It's exactly what they didn't know they needed and if your the first to gift it, they will likely hold onto it. They will also be grateful for the giveaway, so plan on staying top of their minds with this promo product.

Greeting Card

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a perfectly subtle marketing tool to say "Thank you" and New Years is the perfect opportunity to do this. It's also great because your customers are already feeling the warm and fuzzies from the holidays so send a card for some extra brownie points. If you want to take it a step further, include an offer or New Year discount coupon.

Branded Cups


If you're hosting an event to promote yourself during the holidays, this is an inexpensive way to gain large amounts of exposure for your logo and marketing message. Host your party or event with reusable, plastic cups with your logo printed on them. Everyone will use them (obviously) and everyone can take them home. They provide the ideal marketing space for events and corporate offices.

Branded Pens


Pens are always a great go-to if you cannot decide on a promotional product or aren't sure what promo product is best for your business to be using. They are one of the least expensive promotional products and they have proven to boost business profits time and time again. Try something festive like your business name on a gold pen.

Branded Bottle

Sports Bottle

Ah, the gyms are packed yet again. How can you use this to your advantage? Give away branded sports water bottles and gain massive brand exposure in no time. Not only will your audience appreciate and use this giveaway, but your branded water bottle will gain impressions from everyone else at the gym, too.

Gift Basket