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5 Top Performing Promo Products

Although your industry and product might effect the promotional products you can maximize profits with, there are five promotional products that have proven themselves time and time again. Even as decades go by, these promotional products continue to receive the most impressions and be the most demanded among consumers.

If you're conflicted on what promotional product to promote your brand with, it's nearly impossible to go wrong with any of these top five performers.

Branded Drinkware

Did you know promotional mugs were proven to be a more effective advertisement than radio and television ads? Approximately 57% of consumers could recall the name of an advertiser seen on a mug. Only 32% could recall the advertiser in a radio ad and 28% could recall the television advertiser. Cheers.

Branded Calendars

This one is often forgotten about, but don't forget it because promotional calendars are the 4th top promotional product category. One in five consumers own a free calendar, making them a favorite among consumers. Keep in mind that women prefer calendars slightly more than men.

Branded Bags

In the U.S., bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product with about 6,000 impressions per bag. They are also incredibly popular among U.S. consumers with 31% owning a promotional bag. To top off the incentive to invest in promo bags in the U.S., they also cost the least amount of money per impression at 1/10 of a cent.

Branded Pens

Writing instruments are tied with bags with the lowest cost per impression at 1/10 of a penny in the U.S. Most consumers agree that functionality is the number one reason to keep a promotional product and writing instruments are ranks in the top three most functional promo products. Women are also more likely to hold onto this promo tool.

Branded Apparel

This is the number one promotional product among all promo categories. They receive about 2,200 impressions and are kept for a minimum of five years. They are one of the longest kept promotional products you can invest in. Tip: Men prefer promotional caps and headwear.

Hopefully knowing this information about the top performing promotional products will help you and your organization allocate marketing dollars to the most profitable promo products for your business. For more assistance, click the Information button below and we will personally point you in the right direction.

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