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5 Inexpensive Holiday-Themed Promo Products

Businesses and consumers both understand how easy it is to overspend during the holidays. It's that time of year when you forget about your budget and are focused on pleasing your audience. We haven't sold the mystery for consumers yet; however, we have collected a list of 5 festive but inexpensive promotional products that businesses can use to represent their brands without stepping outside of their marketing budget.

Here are 5 holiday-themed promotional products that your audience will love.

Inexpensive Ornament

Glass, wood, metal, and even leather, ornaments can come in almost any material to correspond with any company's image. Customize the shape to match your logo, or simply add your marketing message to a sweet, nostalgic ornament that everybody will love.

Inexpensive Hats

Christmas hats provide great ad space for your logo during the holidays. Use them for corporate events, holiday office parties, giveaways for schools, and more. Aside from Santa hats, you can brand festive hats like reindeer, Christmas tree, snow man, LED, and even DIY holiday hats. The options are endless.

Festive Cards

Festive greeting cards are the perfect way to tell your clients and customers thank you and that you appreciate their loyalties. Customize a greeting card to uniquely fit your business for only a fraction of the cost of sending a gift or creating a holiday photo card.

Holiday Pens

Pens are great because they'll always be an inexpensive, but effective promotional product that any business can rely on. Nobody will turn down a pen and especially when it's holiday themed. You can make pens into any theme, which is why we have everything from Santa pens to candy cane pens.

Christmas Tote

Bags are not only inexpensive, but they've been proven to work time and time again. "Bag" is a pretty broad term, which is why you can do a multitude of things with them. Add your logo to a festive wine bag to use for holiday gifts for executive level employees or top-notch clients. Round up an adorable assortment of inexpensive holiday bags for mass giveaways, too.

For more information or more ideas on holiday promotional materials, browse our Product Results page and find almost any product under the sun. If you would like to speak to someone for more detailed information, click the Info button below and we will get in touch to assist you. Happy Holidays!

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