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5 Impressive Writing Instruments

Writing Instruments

Writing instruments are a very popular promotional product among consumers and marketers alike. Consumers prefer them because of their functionality, while marketers prefer them for their low cost and effectiveness.

Promotional pens are tied with T-shirts for the lowest cost per impression, costing marketers less than a single penny per impression that each of these promotional products generate. The difference is the upfront cost is going to be higher for the same number of units if you choose to promote yourself through T-shirts.

Below are 5 top-notch writing instruments that we recommend for small business owners and large companies alike.

The Simple Contemporary

Contemporary Pen

Fun, clean, and to the point, we recommend these pens for anyone that wants to get noticed and leave a valuable impression on your target audience. These contemporary pens are great for innovative companies and companies selling mid- to high-end products or services.

The Polished Pen

Polished Pen

If you're dealing with high-ticket customers or high-end B2B sales, a wooden and gold ballpoint pen is recommended for you. This is a staple piece that will be a complimenting reflection of your company.

The Simplistic Style

Simple Pen

If you're going for the masses on a standard marketing budget, a simplistic pen like this is recommended. These allow you to go in the simple direction without looking cheap. These pens are still high-quality and will hold a long customer retention rate.

Pop of Color

Metal Pens

If you're looking for something a bit louder than the typical pen, try a metal pen in unique colors like gold or copper. These pens are bright and shiny and they'll leave the same impression for your logo.

A Timeless Piece