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4 Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Promotional Items

With endless options in every marketing budget, it can be difficult to select the best promotional items for your business. The options are overwhelming, however when you narrow it down using the below tips and tricks, you’ll begin to have a much clearer picture of which promotional products to choose.

1. Stay relevant to your industry.

Hard Hat

This should be the most simple and obvious method of selecting a promotional product for your business. Always stay relevant to what you do to maintain a path of clear communication between you and your audience.

If you’re a construction company, promote yourself with a branded hard hat, tape measure, or baseball cap. If you’re in the cosmetology industry, add your logo to nail files, cosmetic bags, or compact vanity mirrors. I think you get the point.

2. Have your target audience’s best interest.

Gym Bag

You know what demographics you’re targeting so ensure your promotional products reflect that. Ask yourself, “What would I want if I was this person?”.

If you’re a gym owner that wants more female members, promote your gym with white or pink branded gym bags. Use branded yoga mats as a contest giveaway. You could also give away sweat towels or water jugs in feminine colors. Hair ties and artillery headbands are also great to use and can be branded easily as well.

3. Keep the season in mind.

Fleece Headband

This is something that can be overlooked with all the other things to consider when deciding on promo products. Plan ahead and if you’re looking for promo products for a winter or summer event, make sure it’s fitting for the weather.

Also, if you give away a promo item that compliments the weather, your audience will want and appreciate the item a lot more. If you own a sports store and you have an event tent at a soccer tournament during the month of January, think how excited players would be to receive a branded fleece headband. You could easily request completion of a survey in return for the promo item.

4. Have different items for different types of events.


If you’re hosting your own event such as a grand opening or an open house, you’ll want to consider a small range of different quality promotional items. Inexpensive items are great to ensure that all attendees leave your event with something branded. Slightly more expensive giveaways can be used as an incentive to complete a survey and the most demanded items can be used as contest prizes to ensure attendees stick around.

However, say you have a tent at a marathon race, you will want to stock up on one or two inexpensive giveaways with your business name and marketing message on them. Stickers, coolies, and drawstring bags are great for this.

Selecting the right promotional item is very important in ensuring the longevity of your marketing investment. If you select the wrong ones, your target audience either won’t take them, they’ll give them away, or they will throw them away.

However, a well-picked promotional product could stick around for years and significantly grow your brand awareness as well as your customer loyalty. Investment in the right promotional item is more than worth the budgeting.

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