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4 Creative Branded Apparel Ideas

Branded Tank

Branded apparel is such a valuable promotional item due to its lifespan, customer appreciation, and its large number of average generated impressions. That explains why it's so common to see consumers wearing logoed T-shirts. Almost all consumers have at least one...

So how do you, too, benefit from the perks of giving away branded apparel? Check out 4 creative apparel ideas below that will grow your brand awareness without investing in another logoed T-shirt.

Socks are fun, cool, and everyone wears them. There are various styles of socks for various industries. Brand athletic socks to sport your logo on runners, workout junkies, sports enthusiasts and more.

Branded Caps

Caps and knitted hats are fun and attractive way to boast your brand. There are hats for every season and consumers love them. They're not uncommon to see but they're definitely less common than T-shirts.

Tip: This is a preferred promo product among men.

Tanks are stylish and great for fitness crowds, hot climates, and younger people. This is a promotional apparel item consumers aren't used to seeing and will value more than they'll value a T-shirt. Brand a simple tank in any color and get promoting.

Branded Hoodie

Sweaters and hoodies are not as inexpensive as the previously mentioned promotional apparel items but they do make your brand recognized. Invest in these to gift to proclaimed customers to build customer loyalty and gain exposure to new clientele.

For questions related to these apparel items or any other promotional products, click the Information button below and we will reach out to further assist you.

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