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3 Ways to Brand a T-Shirt

Branded T-Shirt

Branded apparel ties with writing instruments for the least cost per impression generated. Branded t-shirts are very popular among consumers and they are incredibly simple to use for brand exposure. Apparel is extremely inexpensive advertising for companies looking to grow awareness among new consumers. See below, three ways to brand a t-shirt.

Logo Shirt

Go the simple and straight forward route with your logo on a short sleeved tee. Keep it clean and easy to see and recognize. A subtle logo will ensure your t-shirt gets worn and generates public exposure.

Design Shirt

If you're on a mission to brand your company, consider a designed t-shirt. A well-planned design will increase the demand for your giveaway and intrigue consumers to see what your company is all about.

Branded T-shirt

Get creative with the type of t-shirt you brand. Based on your industry, target market, and geographical location, you may want to consider using a tank or long-sleeve shirt to print your logo on. Throw extra style into your t-shirt with colors, sleeve cuffs, seamless, and more.

For more information about branded t-shirts for your company, click the Information button below and we will reach out to answer your questions.

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