7 Trendy Promotional Products

Are you on the search for crowd-pleasing promotional products for your next company event? A trendy giveaway can make or break the shelf-life of your marketing products. If you’re a company with an innovative branding strategy, consider these seven promotional products for your next event or giveaway.

promo product

Portable Wireless Chargers

Portable chargers will always be a hit, but these wireless chargers are attention grabbers. They’re the bigger and better portable charger. Just rest your phone on the pad and recharge. This is a great giveaway for tech companies, next generation companies, and companies trying to attract the millennial and generation z crowd.

branded water bottle

Vacuum Sealed Water Bottles

When vacuum sealed water bottles first hit the market, every Instagram influencer sported one. Today, they are still trending among various generations and demographics. If you have a wide-range audience, this trendy promotional product is a good choice for your company.

logo on fanny pack

Fanny Packs

We’re just as surprised as you are. Fanny packs are incredibly trendy among the younger generations, especially generation z. If you’re targeting the high school or college crowd, these are a surefire hit. To widen your audience, give away waterproof fanny packs for fitness junkies and festival goers.

promo towel

Round Beach Towels

Round towels are a very new trend to hit Pinterest boards and Instagram vacation photos. Switch up your geometrics with this contest giveaway that all ages will be fighting to have. They’re cute, trendy, and sure to make a statement. They’ll also last.

logo pop socket

Pop Sockets

Pop sockets have been around longer t