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Unique Branding Opportunities

55% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their bedroom. Many times consumers forget that the main purpose of these products is for brand exposure because the product itself is so useful for other things and they use them so often. The best example of this includes branded pens and t-shirts, items that most of us have one or more of.

As forward thinking establishments, how do we make sure that we stay cutting edge when it comes to promotional techniques? The trick is to place our logos on unique items that people use everyday and stand out to them. Products that are different than the usual giveaway but are still relevant to the type of business you are.

Here are some ideas of unique branding opportunities that will help you leave a lasting impression with your consumers.

1. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are underrated and often get looked over. However, they are always appreciated when we get caught in a wet situation. Coming into the rainy season, umbrellas are a must have. They come in many colors and patterns to match your company's brand but more importantly your logo can be custom screen printed on the fabric. Umbrellas are useful for staying dry and brand exposure!

Branded Umbrella

2. Golf Balls

If you own a country club, are hosting a golf tournament or employee retreat, it is a unique idea to give your consumers a keepsake to remind them of the time they had. Associating a memorandum with your brand and positive memories will increase brand loyalty. This idea can be applied to any ball for any sport. For example, use inflatable soccer balls to advertise a kids summer camp or plastic mini footballs for an office Superbowl party.

Branded Golf Balls

3. Lip Balm

Another product that becomes a saving grace for many is the ever so handy lip balm. Many people, women especially, have a lip balm for their purse, one for the car and one for the house. You never know when you will be needing to relieve chapped lips! Especially if your company has a relevant need for lip balm, like a dentistry or one that involves outdoor work, giving away branded lip balms just makes sense. Your customers and employees will thank you!

Branded Lip Balm

4. Office Calendars

Another item that we use daily in the office is a calendar. Branded calendars with your contact information and good quality photos are nice gifts to give to your business partners and B2B consumers. Hung at eye level, people will see your brand every day, putting you in their mindset.

Branded Calendar

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