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5 Trendy Promo Products for 2018

Trends are always changing, so it is important to stay relevant with your promotional products. Use these trendy items to help set your company apart from the competition. At Dobbs Global, we have picked our top five “Trendy Products for 2018”, and have counted down those products from 5 to 1 below.

#5 - Coasters

Coasters are functional, decorative and have become a staple item in the house and office. Give your clients and employees a usable gift that also promotes your brand.


#4 - Beach Nik (TM)

This neat little invention has taken off! The Beach Niks are useful for holding drinks and other trinkets in the sand at the beach or in the ground at sports games. Customize them with different colors and your logo.

Beach Nik (TM)

#3 - Direct to Garment Apparel Prints

This service opens doors for unlimited customization options. With the ability to print any image on any piece of apparel, you can tailor the perfect product to the needs of your brand. Get apparel printed with your logo for walking brand exposure!

Apparel Prints

#2 - USB Drives

A long time favorite that still remains popular are the USB drives. Especially if your business caters to students or the technology industry, USB drives are always needed. Having these available with your brand's logo shows that your company is relevant and forward thinking.

USB Drives

#1 - Air Pocket Cellphone Holders

Nobody likes a cracked cellphone screen. These can help! Air Pocket Cellphone Holders stick to the back of your cellphone like a suction cup and can pop out to create a handle or table stand. Pop them back in when not in use to go back to a streamlined look. Customize them with your logo and colors for a fun but useful corporate gift.

Air Pocket Phone Holders

Of course there are other items that will catch on in popularity this year. However, it is important to start with what works for your specific company. We would love to help you figure out which products work best for you! To contact Dobbs Global and learn more about these promo product options, click here.

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