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2018 Product Trends

2017 has come and gone. The age of the Fidget Spinner, PopSocket, and Hydro-Soul tumblers are behind us and it’s time to move on to the next best trend. Stay ahead of the game with 2018 product trends that will win consumers over.

Virtual Reality continues to emerge and we have yet to see even its slightest potential. VR products and accessories are becoming more widely available and affordable to businesses and consumers alike. Fully customize a cardboard VR headset, or add your best logo to a cutting-edge headset.

Power Banks

It can feel like the end of the world when your phone runs out of battery. We try to conserve those last few percentages and hope our device holds on for dear life. With a growing attachment to technology there is a growing need for Power Banks. Don’t miss out a chance to win over consumers with this giveaway.

Enamel Pins

We have seen a rising interest in Enamel Pins since last year, with interest continuing to grow. These cute little pins are incredibly easy to customize and can represent your organization well. Not only is this an effortless and inexpensive promo product, but it’s actually trending. There’s no better combination than that.

Bluetooth Earbuds

As more people upgrade their phones, less have earbud ports. Customers will think highly of you when you provide this highly valued giveaway. Our Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with a logoed case and offer the capability to listen to music and take calls.

Liquid Phone Cases

Fuel their need for creativity with a phone case that adds personality to every device. These Liquid Cases are fun, unique, and more and more people are discovering them. Gain brand exposure quick by adding your logo to one of these guys.

Dad Hats

Ever since the retail industry changed the name “baseball caps” to “Dad Hats”, consumers can’t get enough. There was a steep rise in sales when this adjustment was made and hat sales continue to prosper. Take advantage of this opportunity, but remember: there’s no such thing as a baseball cap.

Rechargeable Lighters

There has been a staggering rise in interest since mid-2016 for Rechargeable Lighters. They’re flameless and practically everlasting. They’re becoming more convenient, modern looking, and well, trendy. These are great giveaways for bars, clubs, lounges, and anything nightlife.

Fitness Watches

Although it seems like many people already own fitness watches and that opportunity has come and gone, it hasn’t. According to Google Trends, Fitness Watches have continued to gradually rise in interest worldwide since mid-2014. There is plenty of opportunity available to impress potential clients with this surefire giveaway.

2018 is almost here. Start the year with a bang with the best product giveaways that follow the market’s latest trends. Providing these giveaways will leave behind a lasting impression of innovation and style, bringing fresh clientele to your business in the New Year. Don’t miss out.

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