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7 Rewarding Fall Giveaways

Each year we are delighted to bring on interns to help out in our Marketing Department. A new college school year has recently started, and we have welcomed two new interns to David Dobbs Enterprises, Inc.. Darian Chesek is our intern on the Dobbs Global side of the company, and I am excited for you to read her first blog! -Jamie Douglas, Director of Marketing

7 Rewarding Fall Giveaways

There is no better time of the year for branded giveaways then RIGHT NOW! Why? Well, it’s fall and we know what that means: shopping season is here! Stay ahead of the game and keep your brand recognition high this holiday season with giveaways stamped with your best logo.

The idea of giveaways is supplying your potential customers with items they will actually use and therefore promote your brand with. The best way to achieve maximum customer engagement is with fun fall giveaways that will have your prospects and customers thinking, “I needed one of these!”

So what are the best giveaways and promotional products to hand out this fall? We’ve broken the list down for you below:

1. Sports Gear

Another year, another football season. Fans will be grateful to know you when you provide Koozies, Eye Black Strips, Bottle Openers, and Foam Fingers. These giveaways are inexpensive and will make their fair share of rounds at the tailgates!

2. Tumblers

It’s hard to accept for us that prefer 80 degrees and sunshine year round, but cool weather is quickly approaching! Keep your clients feeling warm and their drinks even warmer with our new 20 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler that will make them say “wow.” These bad boys are priced at low as $4.99.

3. Travel Gear

Holidays and travel go hand in hand. Nothing says I understand your needs like neck pillows, eye masks, and earplugs for those hectic holiday trips. Although we have hundreds of individual options, we also offer several all-in-one travel kits like our Compact Travel Set.

4. Coffee Sleeves

Goodbye iced coffee, hello hot coffee. Take advantage of this open opportunity to have clients and prospects strutting your logo effortlessly! Paper Coffee Sleeves offer your business virtually free advertising!

5. Craft Equipment

Did you know crafts are extremely profitable in the fall seasons? Families, schools, and hospitals will be upping their craft game in the coming months, giving your business the perfect time to be a part of it while increasing your brand recognition.

6. Lip Balm

As the air is getting dryer, so are our lips. This Lip Balm giveaway is useful and has your name and logo all over it.

7. Socks

Who doesn’t love quirky socks, especially during the holidays? They’re fun, festive, warm, and needless to say, attention grabbers! There’s no greater feeling knowing prospects will be asking your clients, “Where did you get those?” The best part about our featured Christmas Socks is they’re priced as low as less than $1.00 a pair.

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