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Are Your Event Giveaways Making an Impact on Customers?

According to the 2012 Census, there were over 27 million firms (single business location) in the United States (1). With this many businesses in the United States, there is more than likely at least one business out there that does what your business does (even if you are in a niche market). This comes even more apparent when you go to events and conventions for your industry.

Thinking about when you are at an event or convention, how does your business stand out from other similar businesses? When a customer doesn’t know you from another business, what can you do to stand out? This is when your marketing and advertising is important; it helps your business convey a message to customers about what you do and how you are different from others in your industry. At events and conventions, a marketing and advertising item that most companies bring to give out to customers to remember their company are giveaways. Having the right giveaway for your company, can help a potential consumer remember you over others!

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