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12 Valentine's Day Giveaway Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner which means it's time to prepare. If you're planning on using the holiday to promote your business, check out these 12 Valentine's Day giveaways that will leave your audience feeling love for your company.

Who doesn't like chocolate? Give away chocolate surprises branded with your company logo. Your audience will know exactly who they came from.

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are sweet and guaranteed to give your audience the feels for your company. Show your appreciation with a sweet, branded bear this Valentine's Day.

3. Pens

Pens are great for a few reasons. One, they've always been a top performing promotional product. Two, they're very inexpensive ways to promote a brand. And, well, they're super easy to customize.

It's that time of year! Get your audience ready to perk up with V-day lip balm. Rep your brand on some lip balm and stay below budget while giving your audience a little laugh.

5. Mugs

Drinkware is NEVER a bad option as far as giveaways go. They generate massive impressions and consumers keep them around for a while.

Balloons are always fun. Gather some customized, V-day themed balloons to decorate any events that you'll be hosting in the coming weeks.

Greeting cards are a thoughtful way to say thank you. Tell your customers how much you love and appreciate them with an adorable, customized greeting card from your company's team.

Are you looking for something a little more elaborate? Assemble a gift basket with various items like chocolate, wine, candies, cheese, and more.

Snow globes are a more elaborate, thoughtful approach to Valentine's Day giveaways. These would be great giveaways for your customers, especially new ones.

10. Bags

Red Bags

Bags are always a reliable promotional product to brand. Print your logo on a Valentine's Day themed promotional bag and watch your brand awareness improve.

Travel kits are a fun treat to give away on this holiday. Easily stamp your logo onto a travel kit bag or on each individual item.

Wine stoppers are another thoughtful giveaway to use on this love-filled holiday. This is a great giveaway for mid to high-ticket clients.

For more information about any promo item you would like to brand for Valentine's Day, click the Information button below and we will reach out to assist you. Happy Valentine's Day!

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