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11 Best Branded Beach Items

While the heat isn’t budging, neither is beach tourism. Whether you’re in the travel and tourism industry or not, branded beach items are a great idea. Why? Because your promotional items will not only be seen and appreciated by the consumers you give them to, they will be seen by dozens if not hundreds of new eyes. Talk about growing your brand awareness.

From simple, to unique, to inexpensive, to statement maker, here are 10 branded beach items worth putting your logo on.

Beach Bag

Bags and totes are some of the longest kept promotional items you can invest in. That alone makes this beach tote a promo item you can count on. This fun, beach themed bag will be a hit amongst all age groups. If the cotton style doesn’t mesh well with your brand image, don’t worry. We have more modern styles as well including mesh bags and plastic lining. Browse all beach bags here.

Paddle Ball

Looking for something a little more fun and quirky? Think beach games. With most any beach game, there’s a way to put your logo on it. This beach paddle ball set is great for the beach, but your consumers will also be able to take this anywhere. This is a multi-purpose promo item, great for the beach, outdoor events, pool parties, and even to play with around the house.

Round Towel

The biggest summer trend of 2018 is by far round beach towels. Celebrities and Instagram influencers have been flaunting these to the media, only making them increasingly popular. Are you targeting women ages 16 to 40? Than these are the promo item for you. These come in multiple patterns and colors and we can add your logo or company message to them.


If you have a lower marketing budget this season, we recommend keeping it simple and functional. Consumers love promotional items that serve a purpose and this offers that to them. These are perfect giveaways if you’re hosting outdoor events as well because there will be consumers in need of them at that time, which is a very easy and valuable way to increase your consumer likability.


Do you have a higher marketing budget this season and are looking to make a splash? If you’re in the sports, fitness, or travel industry this giveaway is a very fun and unique way to grab some attention. These are great contest giveaways or for beach events such as outdoor concerts or surf competitions. Get on board with this skimboard offering a full-color, edge to edge screen graphic with your logo and company message.

Flip Flops

Rubber flip flops aren’t as exciting as they used to be. They were once a popular summer shoe, but now consumers appreciate more comfort. These EVA flip flops are much more comfortable than the traditional rubber flip flop and the strap offers a much better place to advertise your company logo. This shoe comes in a variety of colors and two different logo placement options.

Beach Tent

This UV beach tent easily sleeps two people and is made of eco-friendly silver coated fabric to assist with its anti-UV effects. These are surefire giveaways for companies in almost any industry. This top-quality item will be highly anticipated and you’ll have no doubt you will have mass brand exposure with this item. It’s sleek, professional, and well presented. Add your custom logo to the side and get promoting.

Beach Ball

Who doesn’t like an inflatable ball? This inexpensive giveaway is fun for all ages and demographics. We recommend this most for families or college audiences. These can also be used for more than the beach. Select a color that represents your business, add your logo and have some fun promoting your business.


This traditional giveaway is a great item to put your logo on. Sunglasses are inexpensive, functional, and can be used almost any time of the year. All ages will appreciate these and they’re a promo item you can’t go wrong with. These come in several different colors and one size fits most.

Sand Bucket

Make an impression on families with this sand pail and shovel promotional item. Kids will be ecstatic to receive this while parents are appreciative. This is a great giveaway that sheds a positive light on your company and leaves you top of mind to your consumers. Choose your colors and your 4” x 2” imprint for the bucket.

Beach Mat

This beach buddy mat is a functional promo item that will be highly demanded at your next event or contest giveaway. The mat comes with an inflatable pillow and the material makes it a breeze to wipe away sand. The mat folds into a beach tote, making it multi-functional and extending the lifespan of the giveaway. Add your logo on the front pocket and get ready for this item to be shown off.

With endless options, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide on a promotional item for your company. Narrow it down by thinking about what’s most suitable for the event, time of year, and your industry.

We can create almost any promotional item to fit your company’s image to a tee. Check our catalog for more ideas and inspiration, or reference our blog for more guidance on what direction your marketing team should go in.

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