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Award Winning Giveaways

Whether it’s for corporate events, employee recognition, or sporting events, there are sophisticated award options available for you. Select something simplistic for a common or recurring award, or pick out something more intricate to express the importance and pride in the award being given. Take a glance at different types of award options for your next business giveaway.

Sophisticated Trophy

We recommend a colorless, clean and glossy award for those looking for a more sophisticated-style award. This classy style is great for awarding or recognizing corporate managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Offer this at professional ceremonies and work events.

Intricate Trophy

Intricate awards are excellent for acknowledging rare and skilled success that isn’t easily or frequently obtained. An intricate award offers the feeling of a revolutionary win, so to speak. Swirl style rewards and tall, narrow rewards express this well.

Traditional Award

Traditional, old-fashioned awards are great for political events and recognizing legendary figures in any industry. One way to express the traditional look in your award is to choose a wood material and/or a clock award. These are timeless pieces that will bring extra warmth to older generations.

Sporting Awards

Soccer, basketball, football, whatever the sport may be you have a variety of options. Sports awards are best suited as tournament winning prizes to express the value in achieving first place. Stand out by selecting one with vivid colors, or go with something subtler without color.

Recognition Trophy

Many companies need varying versions of simple, straight forward awards to recognize hard-working employees. For this type of award, we recommend mosaic pieces. They offer feelings of energy and excitement, and will surely make hard-working employees feel grateful and appreciated.

Peacemaker Award

Are you looking for a humble award? For awards given to volunteers, loyal employees, or hard-working activists, we recommend incorporating a globe or map into your award. This is a common design to express peacekeeping and positive activism to those most deserving of it.

As you can tell, different style awards convey different messages to the receiver. If you’re unsure what award is best for your giveaway, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us. Browse through our other awards for more inspiration and recommendations. You can check out our gallery here.

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