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4 Promo Products That Glow

With so many new products on the market and constant distractions from our smartphones, it's hard to be "wowed" anymore. So as a brand wanting to grow our image and customer base, how do we grab hold and keep the attention of our audience anymore? Well, it helps to have promotional products that are unique, interactive and just plain cool to have in your hand! Today we are going to explore some awesome products that GLOW!

These come in almost any color and can be customized with your logo, slogan, or a branded hashtag. They are easy to hand out at corporate parties, trade shows, nightclubs, bars and other night time events. They are collectible and can be strung on a necklace so get creative with how you give them to your event attendees! Award them every time they share your event hashtag or photos on social media for added brand awareness.

Glow Sticks

The best part about handing out drinkware at any event is that they have extended use for years afterward. With your logo on the cup, you can be sure that your brand is within sight in a prospective customer's home. Whenever they use the cup, other people will see your brand name, helping you to reach people without contacting them personally. If you need cups at your event anyway, why not make them fun with an added glow feature?

Glow Up Cup

These toys have grown very popular recently because of how easy they are to use and how they are a mindless way to de-stress. Just hold the middle of the toy between your index finger and thumb and flick the toy to make it spin between your fingers forever. With the glow-in-the-dark feature, turn down the lights to see a colorful glowing blur. This novelty will sure to be something that makes a lasting impression with your audience.

Glow Fidget Spinner

Make a bright first impression with these pre-programmed red message fans! Not only are they useful for outdoor events with warm weather, but they are a clever way to get your intended message across, literally! Pre-program these fans to say your brand name, slogan or an event hashtag to remind your audience of your company and what you do.

Glow Fan


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