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4 Promo Products That Glow

With so many new products on the market and constant distractions from our smartphones, it's hard to be "wowed" anymore. So as a brand wanting to grow our image and customer base, how do we grab hold and keep the attention of our audience anymore? Well, it helps to have promotional products that are unique, interactive and just plain cool to have in your hand! Today we are going to explore some awesome products that GLOW!

1. Glow Sticks with Logos

These come in almost any color and can be customized with your logo, slogan, or a branded hashtag. They are easy to hand out at corporate parties, trade shows, nightclubs, bars and other night time events. They are collectible and can be strung on a necklace so get creative with how you give them to your event attendees! Award them every time they share your event hashtag or photos on social media for added brand awareness.