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Event Swag That People Will Want

You have most likely been to an event where some type of event swag was given out. Swag, if you do not already know, is a slang term for those branded pens, cups, shirts, etc., that you receive at fairs, trade shows, employee events, etc. As you have probably experienced, not all swag is created equal. For me, I have a cup that I received a few years ago at a trade show that I still use. On the other end of the spectrum I cannot tell you the number of pens I have received that break with the first word I write. If you are deciding to spend the money to give out these promotional items, don’t you want these items to be something that people like and will remember your company for when they use the product?

What are some swag items that have worked well for your company and that you liked receiving? Here are some ideas for giveaways for specific events that your company may participate in where swag items are given away.